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Ergonomics in commercial vehicle production

KBK芦水at the VW plant in Września, Poland

Ergonomics in commercial vehicle production

127 crane bridges as well as a wide variety of hoist units, manipulators and power screwdrivers integrated into more than six kilometres of rails in four profile section sizes: Very briefly, that is the scope of theKbk illine系统that an international Demag project team planned and installed at the new VW plant in Września, Poland. This extremely smooth-running system improves ergonomics for handling parts and is key for optimum productivity throughout the entire vehicle assembly operation.

这是工厂规划人的理想工作:这是一个工厂规划师的理想工作:领先的国际汽车制造商在格林菲尔德网站上以字面上以完全建立了全新的工厂,所有流程和设备都可以从头开始设计 - 没有任何限制现有建筑物或支柱尺寸等施加。

In late 2016, Volkswagen AG opened a plant like this to manufacture the latest generation of its VW Crafter in the Polish town of Września, where more than 3,000 employees manufacture the vehicle and – in the integrated supplier park – many third-party components. The plant, built on a property covering 220 hectares, is the Volkswagen Group’s 121st factory. It is designed for an annual capacity of 100,000 light commercial vehicles and has generous workshops for the body line and vehicle assembly as well as a state-of-the-art paint line.

Heavier parts than in car production

On vehicles such as the Crafter, everything is slightly heavier and larger than in a car production line. For this reason, the handling of parts plays a much larger role. Since commercial vehicles are usually made in lower quantities than for car volume models, but in larger numbers of variants, many steps in production cannot be fully automated. Due to the weight of the parts, many stations need to be served by manipulators, workplace cranes and other handling equipment. This applies throughout the entire final assembly process, which is divided up into seven production and pre-assembly sections. Parts for a number of variants are also sequenced, picked and staged in several “supermarkets”. Assembly of the VW crafter is implemented in 155 takt cycles. Components are continuously retrieved from load carriers, lifted or assembled into orders, which requires the use of corresponding lifting and transport equipment to provide the best possible ergonomics for the workers at the individual workplaces.

必威体育Demag Kbk Aluline提供全套覆盖范围

在早期的阶段,大众汽车的规划者决定支持Demag KBK Alulineas a universal system to be used throughout the assembly operation. There were and are good reasons for this decision. The crane construction kit has delivered optimum performance in the entire automotive industry for more than five decades all over the world. The Demag brand aluminium crane construction kit excels with particularly smooth running characteristics and low rolling resistance. In combination with its light-weight design, these properties offer direct benefits to every worker on a daily basis. The bright and modern appearance of the rail system also ideally matches the friendly workplace design of the new VW plant.

除了符合人体工程学方面,规划人员还非常重视安全性和可维护性。KBK芦水meets both of these requirements in full thanks to Demag’s many years of international experience. In addition, the easily assembled and versatile modular system can be simply extended or converted so that processes and the material flow can be modified at any time.

This flexibility was particularly important from Volkswagen’s point of view, since a single rail system was to be used for all tasks, workplaces and assembly areas on the “one fits all” principle. This also means that a wide variety of manipulators, hoist units and power screwdrivers are installed on the rails to travel along the X-axis and partly also on the Y-axis.

Six kilometres of rails, 127 crane bridges

现在可以体验到这个规划工作的结果,因为生产已经开始在工厂,无论你看,你都可以看到哑光银轨Kbk illine系统。Dema必威体育g技术人员安装了超过6000米的轮廓段导轨,用于起重机和起重机跑道。总的来说,它们安装了127个起重机桥single and double-girder suspension cranes以及各种各样的升降机, manipulators (equipped with lifting columns, pivot arms and balancers) and tools. For its hoist unit needs, Volkswagen also relies on Demag products and decided in favour of theDC系列连锁店(根据应用),额定有125和315 kg之间的负载容量,并与2个速度或可变速度控制一起使用。Demag提升单元和Demag Rai必威体育l系统的组合已经证明是在其他大众植物的良好解决方案,这就是为什么它们也用于Września。

一些例子强调了可能的应用范围Kbk illine系统in the Crafter production line. Vehicle bodies are transported by a conveyor system at continuous speeds through production. At one station, the cab and sliding doors are removed for pre-assembly on the door pre-assembly line. The 30 kg batteries are also installed here. To do this, the worker uses a single-sided manipulator that has an operating range from 0 to 4,500 mm. Manipulators that are each suspended from two rails are also used to remove the large doors, which weigh up to 85 kg. Rails measuring a total length of 238 metres were installed at this station.

Very diverse requirements – one system

In the drive pre-assembly line, the rails are mainly used to provide workers with the necessary tools, such as pneumatic power screwdrivers. Heavy or large components need to be handled on the bench seat and load compartment base panel assembly line, while often heavy, but compact parts such as leaf springs and shock absorbers have to be precisely positioned on the vehicle assembly line.

每个过程的每一步都有不同的处理要求 - 可以毫不含糊地满足Kbk illine系统。也是相同的for different height levels and the type of suspension: if they are needed for the horizontal mobility of conventional crane installations that are equipped with chain hoists, suspensions that have articulated joints are used. Rugged ergo suspensions that can accommodate torque and kick-up forces are used for applications with handling equipment and telescoping power screwdrivers.

Regardless of the type of use case,Kbk illine系统rails always provide optimum load capacity for their given deadweight. Four profile-section sizes make it possible to choose the right solution for the relevant application. The special plastic travel rollers provide for extremely smooth and quiet travel characteristics. This also ensures that only little force is required to move them – for optimum ergonomics and a low physical load for the worker. Optional integrated conductor lines can eliminate the need for external power supply lines or unwanted trailing cables. The system’s bright design, in combination with lighting systems that were configured by Volkswagen to meet exacting specifications, enables each workstation to be ideally illuminated.

Good planning for optimum results

It goes without saying that an international corporation will plan a car factory with the utmost precision. In this case, however, the flexibility that resulted in special benefits also needs to be mentioned. During the course of construction, ideas were often jointly developed and implemented to optimise existing plans, which enabled the ergonomics and productivity of individual work-stations to be improved even further.

关闭现场的双语协调以及德马格项目管理团队的专业知识以及实现这一规模项目的国际经验。必威体育必威体育Demag在汽车行业中获得的几十年经验,并配备了装配线KBK系统paid off once more.


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