Low weight, long service life



低载重量、高精度、长使用寿命:为了开发流量计系统,罗森集团(ROSEN Group)在世界各地开展业务,依靠Terex Material Handling的新型Demag V型起重机。作为一个积极的副作用,起重机增加了一个特殊的光泽展厅,这是用于客户介绍。必威体育

Carsten Heinks, R&D Project Manager at the ROSEN Group, reflects on the search for a suitable single-girder crane for the new building: “The new crane had to meet a whole range of different requirements”. For that reason, the launch of the new Demag V-type crane came at exactly the right time for the ROSEN Group. The technical design and also the appearance of the crane were a complete success.

The ROSEN Group develops its flow meters at its facility in Lingen (Ems) in Lower Saxony, Germany. ROSEN EMAT flow meters determine the components of a given medium in tube systems and what share they have of the overall quantity – such as water, oil and gases for oil production.

Low weight, long service life

需要最先进的技术来移动大楼内的试验台和测量设备。Demag V型起重机的技术优势给ROSEN集团留下了深刻的印象:必威体育

  • average deadweight 17 per cent lower than comparable cranes with box-section girders
  • 由于荷载节点处的锥形横隔梁接头以及主梁的整体设计,振动特性降低了30%
  • 使用寿命长,负载变化超过500000次
  • frequency inverter-fed cross-travel and hoist unit drives: “Our staff particularly like the smooth start-up characteristics of the Demag V-type crane”, reports Carsten Heinks, ROSEN Group.

Innovative Demag V-type crane design

Demag V型起重机的创新设计也是ROSEN的决定性因素必威体育。它遵循仿生学原理:与骨骼结构类似,设计只在必要时使用材料。Carsten Heinks解释说:“由于我们还将车间用作向客户演示的展示室,因此我们希望展示我们与最先进的工程技术合作。”。

The design of the Demag V-type crane, which has already won two design awards, also improves the working conditions. “Our workers feel more comfortable in the workshop, since the crane allows a lot of light to pass through and only casts a small shadow”, Heinks states.

Type 6 available as a standard option

For the ROSEN Group, the Demag V-type crane was built for the first time as a type 6. For this variant, the side connection of the crane girder can be freely selected at any point between its upper and lower edges with relation to the crane runway. “We needed this design for the largest possible lifting height, which can be adapted to match the shape of the building”, explains Carsten Heinks.

Using standardised components, Terex Material Handling designed, specified and built the almost 23 metre-long Demag V-type crane to meet the ROSEN Group’s individual needs. Type 6 is now also available as a standard option for the Demag V-type crane.