Panorama view of the mountains

Hoher Kasten revolving restaurant

Revolving restaurant with Demag drives in the Alps

Eastern Switzerland has another tourist attraction to offer: a revolving restaurant has opened to offer visitors a panoramic view of the fascinating mountain landscape at a height of 1,795 m on the “Hoher Kasten” mountain in the Appenzell region. The special feature: a turning element in the floor enables the restaurant area to rotate once per hour. The drive systems required to make this happen – from the wheels to the frequency inverter – is "made by Demag".

  • 瑞士东北部的阿彭策尔山景
  • 海拔1795米,高康斯坦斯湖之上,the Rhine valley and the Appenzell region
  • Rotating restaurant with 360° panorama view

The project


一辆缆车被用来到达“Hoher Kasten”旋转餐厅,LBHK Luftseilbahn Brülisau Hoher Kasten AG在这里投资了960万瑞士法郎。从布吕利索到山景的旅程几乎需要8分钟。在地板上安装旋转圆盘的想法是由瑞士建筑师“ar”提出的chitekten:rlc股份公司总部设在莱茵克。他们的整体概念赢得了建筑比赛。Demag Cranes&Components为应用提供驱动装置。必威体育

The turntable, which consists of circular crane rails and a metal frame with a wooden floor mounted on top, measures 14.5 m in diameter. The structure is supported by 24 wheel blocks in size DRS 200 that are arranged in a circle and bolted to the concrete floor. Six DRS 112 wheel blocks serve as side guide rollers.


The design principle of the Demag drive system already ensures that only a minimum of noise is generated in normal operation. Additional foam panels were installed as sound insulation and long-term graphite lubrication was applied to all of the drive elements. Foil separates the wood from the steel. The narrow gap between the outside and inside circles as closed with brush seals.

The turntable is driven by six double offset gearboxes with brake motors, which are specifically rated for the very low speeds required for this application. The patented torque bracket of the offset gearboxes enables the torque to be transmitted from the geared motor to the wheel block without any radial force. This reduces the load on the drive shaft and extends its service life.

The six drive motors are centrally controlled by a Demag Dedrive Compact frequency inverter, which results in very low operating noise at a modulation frequency of 16 kHz and provides for infinitely variable speeds.


18 DRS 200 wheel blocks

  • Non-driven wheel blocks
  • 行走轮直径:200d1=200mm,
  • 凸面无凸缘行走轮,R=450200
  • Travel wheel width: 101.0 mm,
  • Travel wheel material: EN-GJS-700-2 spheroidal-graphite cast iron
  • Wheel block prepared for top connection.

6 DRS 200 wheel blocks

  • Driven wheel blocks, N 50 hub profile
  • Travel wheel diameter: 200 D1= 200 mm
  • 凸面无凸缘行走轮,R=450200
  • Travel wheel width: 101.0 mm
  • Travel wheel material: EN-GJS-700-2 spheroidal-graphite cast iron
  • 准备用于顶部连接和扭矩托架连接的轮块
  • 妈妈200-1 DRS200 torque bracket sets


  • Non-driven wheel blocks, for lateral guide arrangement
  • Travel wheel diameter: 112 mm, without flanges
  • Travel wheel material: EN-GJS-700-2 spheroidal-graphite cast iron
  • Wheel block prepared for top connection.


  • AME40DD DCF11DD ZBA 63 B4 B007型,包括:
  • AME40DD和DCF11DD双齿轮箱
  • 自动控制brake motor with ZBA 63B4 cylindrical-rotor motor
  • B007 disc brake
  • Voltage/frequency/current D/Y 220-380 V / 50 HZ / 1.50/0.85 A
  • Output speed/output/CDF 1.12 rpm 0.18 KW 100%
  • Motor speed 1390 rpm
  • 制动力矩/电压/电流1.3 Nm/180 V DC/0.13 A
  • 带制动整流器/电压GE 400 V AC
  • Enclosure: IP 54
  • Offset gearbox of torque arm design
  • 带渐开线花键的实心轴
  • 2个温度探测器,用于在155°C时切断

1operating terminal

  • Fully wired in an electric enclosure with the following functions
  • 打开,
  • Stages 1-2-3,
  • Turning OFF,
  • 紧急停止。

1个带有Demag Dedrive紧凑型变频必威体育器的控制系统

  • For parallel control of the six drive motors
  • Fully assembled and installed in an electric enclosure
  • 16 kHz modulation frequency.