Improved safety

Helling & Neuhaus

Highest priority on safety

能否在悬浮物下安全工作?与热镀锌公司Helling&Neuhaus和工业雇主互助保险协会合作,开发了一种解决方案,允许工人保持在悬浮负载下。两条输送线上的提升和下降段均配备两台Demag双链提升机,通过串联控制系统相互连接。这一概念完全满足BGV D8 Plus起重机的要求,也将在其他应用中开创先例,并提供最大的安全性。必威体育



特殊安全要求,放下我n the BGV D8 regulation, have to be met wherever people are present beneath suspended loads. The applications for which these increased design and safety requirements have to be met also include production facilities for the treatment of metal surfaces. Even though the production sequences are performed automatically in most cases, the material to be coated is often attached to the spreaders and removed at the end of the circuit by hand. For this reason, it must be possible for workers to remain beneath the loads in order to attach and remove the individual parts.


For this solution, four pick-up and deposit stations were each equipped with two Demag LDC-D double chain hoists, which are also connected to each other by means of a tandem control system. LDC-D units were developed on the basis of the proven DC chain hoist range for transporting long material and for spreader applications. The chain hoist drives a separate lifting block that has its own chain drive via a connecting shaft. Both chain lead-offs are rigidly connected to each other by a common frame, the hooks are spaced 800 mm apart. Due to high load-dependent lifting speeds of up to 24 m/min, LDC-D units are also designed for high handling rates. In addition, they provide for a longer chain service life as a result of the reduced polygon effect, since there are no additional chain return sprockets.


Helling&Neuhaus采用的四个连接和拆卸站由6 m长的工字钢段组成,这些工字钢段集成在输送机轨道中。当其中一个电动撒布机小车到达其中一个工位时,撒布机首先由锁定装置固定。轨道剖面部分由两个双链式起重机固定并降低,以便在镀锌过程中连接零件。



The tandem control system of each trolley travel unit is integrated into the control concept of the overall material flow system, i.e. it is connected to the intelligent control system of the monorail circuits. To ensure that this control system receives reliable signals from the trolleys, additional limit switches were installed for the hook positions of the chain hoists.

该系统使Helling&Neuhaus能够实现一种安全有效的方法来实施符合BGV D8法规规定的D8 Plus提升装置,并允许员工在单轨电路的下降段下工作。技术解决方案基于使用模块化结构套件中的Demag标准组件,这也满足镀锌应用的设计要求。对于这种变体,链式起重机提供了额外的防腐保护。必威体育

Solution not only for surface finishing

升降段的操作可用性是Helling&Neuhaus的关键因素。这一要求也得到了满足,因为新系统自安装以来一直没有出现任何问题。满足BGV D8 Plus要求的输送和提升设备不仅是表面处理行业的公司感兴趣的产品,而且可以作为其他行业应用的范例。


Helling & Neuhaus GmbH, based in Gütersloh, Germany is specialised in hot-dip galvanising. The company is part of the Seppeler Group, which operates a total of nine galvanising plants in the northern half of Germany and three in Poland. The individual locations focus on different parts of the product range. As a hot-dip galvanising plant for universal demand, Helling & Neuhaus treats a wide variety of components, ranging from small bolts to metal parts measuring up to six metres in length.