High lifting capacity in the construction of hull sections


Shipyard industry

From the assembly of individual light-weight components to the transport of hull sections weighing several hundred tonnes and the launching of recreational craft,起重机在造船工业中的应用范围几乎没有多大变化。我们提供的起重机解决方案也各不相同,以满足客户的要求。准确地说。

Fields of application

  • 造船厂
  • 供应部门
  • 小作坊
  • 游船


必威体育Demag cranes are used for a wide variety of steps in ship assembly operations and provide the lifting capacity required throughout the entire production process.我们的起重机安装已经确保了在金属部分进行作业时的有效负载处理。They also guarantee that loads are precisely positioned – such as large fittings when hull sections are built.帆船和机动游艇的系列制造商采用德玛格起重机技术安装一个区域服务系统,该系统将各个组装步骤连接到整个生产车间。必威体育我们的工业驱动装置用于在造船厂安全可靠地移动门和建筑部件。


Our comprehensive crane solutions are also highly popular in the supply sector.从模块化部件的组装(例如for the interior fittings) to the transport of diesel units weighing many tonnes – our cranes meet all handling requirements.可靠、准确。




Smaller boat builders and sailing clubs use our crane installations all over the world to store and retrieve recreational boats and yachts at the beginning and the end of the season.As overhead travelling cranes that run on rails above the water.或作为宽工作半径的柱式回转起重机。在这两种情况下,贵重的船只必须小心、准确地搬运。

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